Sykdomspulsen Receives Prize for Best Poster

Sykdomspulsen received the prize for best poster at Helse- og Kvalitetsregisterkonferansen 2021.

Gry Marysol Grøneng

Of the 47 posters at the conference, it was Sykdomspulsen’s poster “Sykdomspulsen - An exciting and forward-looking infrastructure and website for the real-time surveillance of Covid-19, other infections, and deaths” that received the prize for “Best Poster”.

Awarding of the prize





Data sources

The infrastructure takes in data from more than 15 data sources. The most of which update on a daily basis:


Sykdomspulsen runs over 500 000 automatic analyses every day. Some of these analyses are heavy regression analyses, where a model is run multiple times over age groups and geographical locations. The important part is that these analyses give us the ability to identify increases in infection levels, which allows appropriate interventions to be enacted as quickly as possible.


The deliverables span a large range from simple graphs to large reports. This is possible due to the etreme flexibility of our infrastructure (see the “Infrastructure” part for more information).

Every day Sykdomspulsen delivers:

Sykdomspulsen for the municipal health authorities - website

We also run an interactive website from A to Z. Sykdomspulsen has built up the technical infrastructure, ensured automatic daily updates, implemented the webdesign, graphs, text, and does all user support. This website is only for municipal health authorities, county governors, infectious disease doctors, regional health authorities, and FHI. It currently has approximately 350 registered users, of which approximately 100 use it daily.


Sykdomspulsen’s infrastructure is unique because it can effectively manage large quantites of data on a daily basis in an extremely flexible manner. The infrastructure contains approximately 2 000 000 000 rows of data (~1TB) spread across 1000 database tables. The infrastructure is based on R, which makes it very flexible, and Kubernetes, which makes it very robust and easily scalable. In addition the infrastructure is tightly locked-down with access controls and encryption.


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.


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