R-Package “org” (version 2022.7.20) Published on CRAN

“org” is a system to help you organize projects. Most analyses have three (or more) main sections: code, results, and data, each with different requirements (version control/sharing/encryption). You provide folder locations and ‘org’ helps you take care of the details.


Changes since last version

The R-package “org” (version 2022.7.20) has been published on CRAN. “org” is a part of the splverse, a set of R packages developed to help solve problems that frequently occur when performing infectious disease surveillance. A significant breaking change is that org::initialize_project now takes in env as an argument (the environment into which the functions will be sourced). It is now recommended to include env = .GlobalEnv into the function call.

  env = .GlobalEnv,
  home = "/git/analyses/2019/analysis3/",
  results = "/dropbox/analyses_results/2019/analysis3/"
  raw = "/data/analyses/2019/analysis3/"


The concept behind org is fairly simple - most analyses have three main sections:

Yet each of these sections have extremely different requirements.

Code should:

Results should:

Data should:


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.


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